how to become a makeup artist

Today the makeup industry is flying fast to become one of the best and most prosperous careers in the world. In earlier times, people were really not much aware about the importance of makeup and how it can affect your everyday life. How a single stroke of the brush can enhance one’s appearance.

Do strokes of blush and smoky eye shadow excite you? Do you want to make a career as a Makeup Artist by taking a Makeup Artist course? So keep reading our blog in which you have been given every important information about MakeUp Artist Kaise Bane.

Who are Makeup Artists?

A makeup artist is an artist who can change the look of a person with his knowledge of colors and combinations. Better knowledge and mix of all the ingredients related to make-up completes this art. A makeup artist knows which type of makeup will suit which person and what kind of outfit and makeup is better according to which event. A makeup artist has the knowledge of all these things.

Be it Bollywood, Hollywood or any event, nothing is possible without a makeup artist. Makeup enhances the role and character of a person. Which is also necessary for camera appearance. If you notice, according to the role of the character in the films, we can see the effect on his face, that is the miracle of a make-up artist. Makeup has the power to make a 21 year old look 80 years old on screen. Before stepping into this wonderful career, let us know why choose this career after all.

Why choose a makeup artist career

Your interest in becoming a makeup artist can lead you to a very promising career. If you believe that you are also creative and give value to this career in future, then you must follow it. Now-a-days you can also start your career on a platform like YouTube,

which will not only give you a chance to learn, but will also encourage you to keep up with the changing trends every day, which you will find interesting. Before becoming a makeup artist, you should consider various factors, some of which are as follows. With which you will know why becoming a makeup artist is an ideal career path.

  • flexible schedule
  • plenty of opportunities to be creative
  • Interaction with Arts & Career Oriented People
  • Huge Discounts on Makeup Accessories
  • to influence people

Qualifications to become a Makeup Artist

Along with being a creative and confident person, you also need to have some educational qualifications for a better future, which are as follows.

educational qualification

A makeup artist job plays an important role in the educational qualification required. Let’s go through this blog of MakeUp Artist Kaise Bane, here’s what you should know in these areas

To get started, a high school degree is a must.
There is no specificity in the subjects to be studied during high school. After high school, there are so many options to explore.

One can get certificate in cosmetology to start their career as makeup artist. You can also do this course online sitting at home. It can go on for a year. Candidates can also opt for a Cosmetology Associate degree which can be completed in two years or more depending on the duration.

To work in the entertainment or fashion industry, it is necessary to have a bachelor’s degree. One needs to understand the basics of the company before starting a career as a makeup artist in the entertainment or fashion industry.

There are various online courses to learn such as nail technician courses or courses for cosmetology instructors, apart from these other degrees can be learned to build a successful career as a makeup artist.

The candidate needs 1000 hours of study to learn the virtues of the business in the classroom or workplace.

Step by Step Guide on How to Become a Makeup Artist

In this step by step guide, you will know how you can reach your job from class XII:-

First pass your 12th from recognized board.
Take a good course from a good institute. You can also do graduation.
If you want a better degree after graduation, then you can also do masters.
After completion of degree, start training under an expert. Due to which you will get better practical exposure.
Now the next step comes to find a job. If you want, you can also start your work on the basis of your ability.
During this process, keep participating in different competitions too, which will build your links and you will be able to reach heights.

Bachelors in Physical Arts

The human body is a great canvas for showing creativity through engaging body art. Bachelor of Arts in Body Arts students will be equipped with a wide range of artistic skills in areas such as tattooing and the anthropological reasoning of the human body. After graduating with these 3-year Makeup Artist course, graduates can find themselves job in various sectors like Tattoo Parlor, Hair & Beauty Salon, Film, Television and Media House etc.

Diploma of Aesthetic Medicine

Training students to provide clients with a wide range of beauty treatments, therapeutic services and beauty advice, Diploma in Aesthetic Medicine is one of the most popular and sought-after Makeup Artist course. The 1-year course equips the students with all the necessary knowledge related to aesthetic medicine such as selection of appropriate equipment and techniques for different areas of the body or face, nail and makeup services, hair removal, eyelashes and brow treatments etc.

Foundation Program in Makeup Artistry

One of the best of all makeup artist courses around the world, the foundation program in Makeup Artist provides students with all the abilities they need to become a good makeup artist. Through this course, students will develop and facilitate their practical skills and understanding of subtle techniques in makeup, hair styling and other aesthetic remedial treatments. The course covers details on makeup artistry which includes areas such as scripting, character designing, special effects, studio makeup, etc.

What is included in the Makeup Artist Course?

With vocational education and training in any of the major makeup artist courses, aspiring makeup artists learn to use prosthetics and cosmetics to take the appearance of the face or body to a whole new level.

Foreign Colleges Offering Makeup Course

Following is the list of foreign colleges offering makeup courses:-

  • Empire Beauty School in Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania
  • Pivot Point Academy Beauty School in Chicago
  • Hollywood Institute of Beauty in Hollywood, Los Angeles
  • Aveda Institute in West Chester, Ohio
  • East Mississippi Community College in Scuba, Mississippi
  • Southern Career Institute Corpus Christi in Austin, Texas.
  • Paul Mitchell School in Orlando, Florida
  • Sassoon Academy in Santa Monica, California
  • Tricossi University at Bridgeview Illinois
  • Ogle School in Dallas, Texas

Indian Colleges Offering Makeup Course


  • Lakme Academy, Mumbai
  • LTA School of Beauty, Mumbai
  • Lakme Academy, Kanpur
  • Lakme Academy, Ahmedabad
  • VLCC Institute of Beauty and Nutrition
  • Oren International School of Beauty and Wellness, Mohali

Makeup artist of Bollywood actors

The common belief is that a career as a makeup artist is tied to film stars, but this is not always the case. A makeup artist has the freedom to choose what kind of work he wants to do or wants to be a freelancer. As a freelancer, a makeup artist has the freedom to take the opportunity when it comes. They can do independent work like bridal makeup etc or work with a high class salon or wellness center. They have the opportunity to advertise themselves in their own ways.

makeup artist certificate

An artist whose art is his everything, although he does not need any piece of paper from which to know the quality of his art. But in today’s time where the competition is increasing day by day, you need to show yourself better than others. You must have noticed that when you go to a makeup artist, they have put up a display of the certificates they have achieved in their studio or parlor. Which he frames and puts it because it is also his achievement and this makes people believe in you that you are an authorized person who knows work.

Certificate has a lot of value in today’s time, so keep in mind that whenever you do a course, do it from an authorized place where the certificate has value and will be useful to you in future.

Popular Career Profile

Now that we have understood the career insights as a Makeup Artist Kaise Bane in detail, let us have a look at some of the popular Makeup Artist Jobs:-

bridal makeup artist
freelance makeup artist
print makeup artist
Salon & Spa Makeup Artist
celebrity makeup artist
Stage and Theater Makeup Artist
runway makeup artist
makeup brand sales representative
beauty blogger or vlogger
Teacher etc.

Scope and salary

There is hardly any field where makeup is not required. Be it the entertainment field like television shows, films, TV serials and advertising or any video related to news channels and education. Anchors need makeup to look attractive and appealing in front of the camera. So if we talk about career scope then you can try your coin in every field. Because everywhere you will find work worthy of you. Apart from this, you can also do your work or say that you can also do business. In which you can decide your income source yourself and provide service.

Talking about the market, how many makeup artists are there who chose makeup as their field and today they are a big name. Take Parul Garg for example. How many candidates do their courses under them and get certificates which have a different importance in themselves. Talking about salary, the average annual income of a makeup artist in India is INR 4,85,076 and if you do your business then this income also depends on many other things. Its average measurement penalty cannot be worked out.

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